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Tuesday, 5 March 2013

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Wednesday, 9 January 2013

I'm proud of my NHS service

So giving birth in private hospitals is now “beyond reach of the middle class”

Good, they will have to slum it on the NHS like the rest of us. And maybe then the NHS will stop getting such bad press, because I’m sick of it. They carried me safely and sympathetically through the births of my three babies.

They were even nice to my husband, in fact I had to stop one midwife putting a blanket over him after he fell asleep (if the excitement, terror and noise of me giving birth hadn’t managed to keep him awake, I was sure the cold would not be too much of a problem either).

I know people have had horrific experiences on the NHS, but they are not all bad.
We’ve made many trips to our local hospital in the last five years for various sweeps, suspected broken waters, final scans, false alarms and finally inductions before the big event. The only thing we ever found real fault with was the cost of parking.

And our big events were big. All three tipped 9lb, with cords-round-necks and suspected shoulder dystocia to boot. One pregnancy involved placenta previa and various week-long stays in hospital. (See above comments re cost of parking, the husband did not visit much.)

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You are not at nanny's house now!

So apparently, children’s rudeness and lack of manners is all down to lazy parenting, say grandmothers.
I laughed so much at this I practically wet myself. I find my children are at their rudest and laziest after a visit to their grandparents.

I swear I send them off as pretty decent small human beings, capable of holding their own forks and asking to go to the toilet, and yet they return as regressed, demonic versions of their former-selves.
I have to spend the next week resetting them with the help of naughty-steps, reward charts and no chocolate. Oh yes, and lots of shouting “Well you are not at nanny’s house now!”

For our children, nanny’s house is a parallel universe where the words “no” and “not right now” do not exist. It’s a world where even standing up unaided warrants a round of applause and demands of an encore.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not complaining. I’ve learned that not everyone is going to look after my children the way I do. But that is OK. I am just grateful for the break.

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How important is your baby's wardrobe?

So Harper Beckham had a double-paged spread dedicated to her in the latest Grazia magazine, having “established herself as the arbiter of toddler taste”

She established herself did she? At 18-months. Walked into all those shops and tried on a load of designer clobber, which she paid for in what, rice-cakes? Like she even knows the difference between Prada and Primark.

What a load of rubbish. Why does an 18-month old need to be a trend-setter? Why can’t she just be a baby? Victoria already has old Golden Balls to look good on her arm. She does not have to drape a baby dripping in a Dolce and Gabbana over herself too. It’s just greedy.

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Read all about it

So following my cameo on the Lorraine show, I appeared in the Argus Newpaper this week after they got word of me winning the babycentre blogging competition.
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Does being a pushy parent work?

So the new primary school curriculum is ‘riddled with errors’. This is the best news I’ve heard in ages. It means I no longer have to feel guilty about doing zero reading or writing practice with my daughter. We would probably just be wasting our time, learning all the wrong things.

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What not to say to someone picking baby names

I wonder if Wills and Kate are already bickering over baby names. The husband I spent months doing it. Apparently it’s the most argued about issue for first-time-parents. My advice would be, don’t bloody bother. We never called any of ours any of the names we had spent nine (and-a-half) months rowing over anyway.

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