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Friday, 23 November 2012

Isn't it enough to 'just' be a mum?

So I got invited onto the Lorraine show on ITV this week to talk about being a stay at home mum. A woman had written an article warning mums to get back to work as soon as they could, so they did not end up sad and unfulfilled as she has...

As you can imagine, I had plenty to say about this. Sadly, I hardly managed to get a word in edgeways. You can read all about this and see the interview on the blog I wrote for Babycentre - Isn't it enough to "just" be a mum

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  1. Yeah I hear you Ericka, why shouldn't you be a stay at home mum if that's what you want to do? I think some mums work for all the write reasons and some don't - it is just working gives them a sense of status that being a mum doesn't, which is a shame and a reflection that feminism hasn't really worked because stay at home mums are often told they are 'not fulfilling their potential' when it should be a matter of choice.